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How to join MIZY programs


  • 1. For Korean and International Youths
  • Youths can participate in various programs of MIZY as a participant, volunteer, visitor or intern.
    ※ In case of visit and internship, advance inquiry is required.
  • 2. For Korean and International Organizations
  • Korean and international organizations in youth-related field can join programs as a group participant or a project partner. We also welcome any request for consulting on cultural exchange programs.
  • Inquiries about programs
  • Multicultural Program Team (070-4667-3770, simba@mizy.net)
    Cooperation & Exchange Team (070-4667-3780, aryeon29@mizy.net)
  • Inquiries about facilities and others
  • Planning & Administration Team (02-755-7056, iris4879@mizy.net)
    Cooperation & Exchange Team (070-4667-3785, dreamk@mizy.net)