How to use

MIZY Cafe is open to all teenagers regardless of nationality,
and a warm welcome is also extended to foreign visitors in Korea ages 10 years old and above.

MIZY Cafe is a multi-cultural space. You can browse through recent editions of domestic and international magazines, or check out periodicals and publications on worldwide culture. Visitors can also surf the internet, watch DVDs, listen to music and play board games. If you want to hold an event (such as an open forum, small performance, exhibition, etc.), please contact the MIZY Center. MIZY Center resources may be used as the need arises.
MIZY center has various social gathering areas for youths to uses freely
MIZY café – service hours: 13:00~21:00 (computer, magazines, tables, sofa, board games, printer, copy machine)
Book café – service hours: 13:00~21:00 (books, DVDs)

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Social gathering areas

  • Seminar room, NaNoom (share): for seminars, performances, etc
    Capacity: 70 people
    Facilities: stage, beam project, screen, video, stereo, sound systems, chairs
  • Small group, DaReum (difference)/GongJon (coexistence): for meetings, workshops
    Capacity: 18 people
    Facilities: desks, chairs, beam project, whiteboard, one computer with internet
  • Small group, Bichae (peace): for a small meeting, facilities for visual and auditory materials are included
    Capacity: 14 people
    Facilities: desks, chairs, whiteboard, one computer with internet
  • Please contact Kim, Myeong-hee about seminar room reservations, performances
  • TEL : +82-2-755-1024 / e-mail: myeongh222@mizy.net