The MIZY Center the seoul Youth Cultural Exchange Center

MIZY Center was established in May, 2000 by Seoul Metropolitan City to encourage multicultural experiences among youths.

mizy CI
Mizy Center supports the development of youth to be a global citizen with humanistic values and wisdom of harmonization in an era of multiculturalism and globalization through various programs of cultural understanding, international exchanges and volunteering. It also works to assist youth leaders in improving intercultural communication ability.

MIZY Center offers four meeting rooms and an internet cafe where youths use freely wherever they need. More details are available on 'How to use' page.

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The Daesan Foundation, which was established under the auspices of the Kyobo Life Insurance in 1992, conducts projects to stimulate growth and globalization of Korean creative literature, scholarship and growth of youth leaders. Especially, adhering to the wishes of its founder Yong-Ho Shin, founder of the Kyobo Book Center who created the world’s first education insurance system by drawing a connection between youth and continuing education, the Daesan Foundation also makes a significant effort in scholarship projects. As a result, the “Daesan Literary Awards for Young Writers” and the “University Students’ Long March through North-East Asia” became the largest literary festival and culture visit programs in Korea for youth and university students, respectively. The Daesan Foundation will maintain, improve and develop its existing projects. It will also make its best effort to fulfill its role as a bridge between our youths and the world by creating new programs which will improve our youths’ capabilities for international cultural exchange and cooperation.