Now that twelve years have passed since it was established, the MIZY Center has announced a new vision and prepared a mid- and long-term development plan in line with that vision, which it is now working to carry out.

Key Objectives

Helping to train global citizens who possess passion and creativity in an age of multiculturalism and globalization

Key Values

1. Global Perspective

In addition to expanding the domain of young people’s activity into the wider world, we will also train young people to broaden their horizons so that they can understand issues in regions across the globe and pursue coexistence with people from other cultures.

2. Opportunity with Equity

We will provide cultural exchange opportunities to Korean young people who face a difficult home environment so that they can have equal access to culture without the constraints from their parents’ social and economic situation. We will also strive to bring new hope to young people in poverty and other young people around the world who have been deprived of opportunities and frustrated in their dreams.

3. Challenge and Action

We will offer young people diverse experiences that can allow them to develop as actors on the stage of human history. Through this, they will accept the challenge of finding creative solutions for global problems and, by accepting as their own the pain felt by people in all regions of the world, work to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem.

MIZY Center's Vision for 2015

Our vision is to become a key Asian springboard for providing young people with the training to become global citizens.

Vision Statement

The Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchanges (hereafter, the MIZY Center) aims to become a key Asian springboard for youth cultural exchange, equipping young people with the means to develop into global citizens who possess creativity and passion in an age of multiculturalism and globalization.

To Accomplish This, the MIZY Center Will...

First, help young people develop a global perspective in which they come to view various problems around the world as their own and work to resolve them;

Second, make an effort to offer equal opportunities to all young people regardless of social, economic, and cultural differences and various other elements that can lead to discrimination; and

Third, strive to empower young people to create their own future by eagerly and actively stepping up to global challenges.

Toward this end, the MIZY Center will provide a variety of cultural understanding and international exchange programs on a level that is suitable for young people. These programs will be grounded in professionalism and based on continuing personal development and innovative ideas. We will always stay open-minded as we maintain the lines of communication with youth culture so that we can carry out our role as a mentor for helping young people grow. We will also build our network in Korea and overseas to help establish the infrastructure for creating a wholesome youth culture.

Through achieving these objectives, the MIZY Center will become a cultural exchange platform for young people. Ultimately, Korean young people will use their abilities to understand themselves and mediate intercultural communication as they share their ideals and vision with young people from around the world. They will become world citizens who play an active role in making the world a better place.