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The MIZY Center

Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchange

  • 誘몄 濡쒓퀬
  • Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchange 'MIZY' was established in May, 2000 by Seoul Metropolitan City to encourage multicultural experiences among the youth. It has been operated by The Daesan Foundation and now grown into a hub of cultural exchanges for the world's youth. Mizy Center supports the development of youth to be a global citizen with humanistic values and wisdom of harmonization in the era of multiculturalism and globalization through various programs of cultural understanding, international exchanges and volunteering. It also works to assist youth leaders in improving intercultural communication ability. Mizy is open to youths' suggestion and welcomes their willing participation in all processes of the programs.

    A hub of cultural exchanges for the world's youth
  • 궛臾명솕옱떒 濡쒓퀬
  • The Daesan Foundation has been established under the auspices of Kyobo Life in accordance with the wishes of Daesan, Yong-Ho Shin, who founded the Kyobo Life Insurance Co.,Ltd., to achieve the goal of 'promoting education in Korea and building up the nation's capital base'. By supporting projects of public interest intended to 'foster Korea's national culture' and 'globalize Korean literature', the Daesan Foundation aims to contribute actively to the development of Korea as cultural welfare state.