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Cultivating humanity as a global citizen by respecting

cultural diversity and improving empathy

    BroSis(Brothers+Sisters) Project

  • Seoul is rapidly becoming a world-renowned city. The BroSis Project with Youth from Seoul's sister cities connects Seoul with its sister-cities, and other major cities affiliated with the World Association of the Major Metropolises for international cultural exchanges. Through this project, a type of educational camp for youths, we seek to facilitate cooperation between Seoul and other major cities in Republic of Korea for a prosperous and sustainable future under the theme, "the Sustainable Development of Cities."

    Global Youth Leader Training Program (I)

  • In 2008, the 'Global Youth Leader Training Program' has established the goal of building a foundation for intercultural exchange and raising global citizen awareness among teenagers.
    Even though many domestic and international organizations have been involved in youth businesses and rganizations, it is not enough for teenagers to fully understand and experience the global community.
    Therefore, providing teenagers an avenue for becoming leaders in the global community is essential.
    Teenagers will have the opportunity to discuss international issues, which is a first step in becoming a global citizen. Through this project, middle school students will visit three countries and articipate in activities, depending on their interests.
    Participants: middle school & high school students

    Global Youth Leader Training Program (II)

  • Global Youth Leader Training Program, which is sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, is organized by MIZY Center. This program aims to prepare Korean teenagers in becoming a global citizen through opportunities for international research and site visits.

    ASEAN Cultural Exchange Project

  • Myanmar (Burma) is an unfamiliar country to many Koreans, a country of smiles and gold, but also of tragic history. We discover different aspects of life in Myanmar and exchange information about our cultures through film and video.

    Collaborative Contemporary Art Project - Standing by OOO

  • Art is a tool of expression that transcends languages.
    Participants can discover this for themselves through this project, as emerging foreign artists join with Korean youth to create art. Give wings to your imagination as you express yourself!

    Integrated Education of World Cultural Heritage

  • Cultural properties are important for every global citizen. With world cultural heritage materials and lectures in Korean and English, we can increase our understanding of other cultures and come to realize that our world cultural heritage is a precious asset that together we must all make efforts to protect.

    Pangaea Is My Friend

  • An international exchange program for primary school children from all around the world communicating in virtual space, with pictograms and web-cam games (cooperated by Japanese NPO Pangaea)

    Youth Class of Global Citizenship "Finding Democracy"

  • A study tour program where youth learn and experience the core values of democracy through visits to the West Europe, the birthplace of 'Freedom', 'Equality' and 'human rights'