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International Understanding Programs aim to improve an understanding
of global issues and developing creative insights

  • MIZY, meets the world

    An intercultural experience program which provides a broad range of cultural experiences such as cuisine literature and art
  • UNGO Career Night

    A career development program where invitied speakers of international organizations and NGOs share their work-related experiences with youths and help them explore possible career paths
  • Manual Distribution Project for Youth Center Workers

    A instruction distributing project to develop capabilities and essential skills for project management related to safety accidents

    Online service supporting youth participation in MIZY programs and global citizenship activities, including newsletters, SNS events, bulletin board for international activities
  • International Exchange Workshop for Youth Workers

    A empowerment workshop for youth workers to develop capabilities and essential skills necessary to design and implement cultural exchange programs
  • Shoes of Hope shoes (Mask)

    (Shoes)A global donation program where people decorate shoes with messages of hope and peace and the shoes are distributed to youths in developing countries

  • (Mask) To prevent the spread of Covid-19, the participants make the masks by themselves and the masks are distributed to the youths in needs