I(International understanding)

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Enhance thinking skills to understand international issues

and find new visions

    Training WorkShop for Youth Workers on International Exchange

  • Teenage workshops would provide teenagers a unique opportunity to share what one has learned. However, the first step is to overcome cultural barriers.
    The Training Workshop for Youth Workers for International Exchange aims to provide teenagers an opportunity for inter-cultural training.

    Global Youth Leadership Training Program

  • By organizing research programs, we seek to help youths broaden their understanding of international societies and become global leaders with an international perspective and vision. These global leaders will eventually have the chance to venture out into the world and investigate global issues on their own.

    Korea-China-Japan Youth Cultural Exchange

  • An exchange program for betterment of intercultural understanding among three Asian countries by following historic records and tracks of the countries' mutual exchange in 16-17th century

    UNGO Career Night

  • A career counseling program to help youths searching for their future career in the UN & NGOs by offering them a chance to meet and hear workers in related fields

    MIZY Humanities Policy Forum

  • A forum where experts and general public share ideas for the future direction of humanities education

    Mizy Global Citizen Project

  • A humanity-based education program for developing youth into a global citizen with humanistic values and wisdom of harmonization

    Mizy Photovoice Project

  • A creative education program where youth express their thoughts and raise their voices, through an art medium - photo -, about social issues such as discrimination, inequality and injustice

    Seoul's Sister Cities Youth Conference

  • An international youth conference with the students from different sister cities of Seoul coming together to take a critical look into SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) and create action plans to address SDG-related issues in urban context