Zeal for action

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Youth Participation Programs aim to enhance behavioral capacities of youths as
a global citizen by encouraging their social participation

  • Miracle Expedition

    A program supportive of disadvantaged youth to broaden their perspective on global communities through overseas volunteering
  • MIZY Social Media Program

    An online program to enhance social participation and communicative capabilities of youths through creative SNS activities
  • MIZY Youth Club Supporting Project

    A program supportive of youth clubs to engage in an autonomous, proactive and creative activities helping them grow up as a member of global communities
  • MIZY Exhibition

    An exhibition to provide several program to experience various culture including gallery, the book cafe and the place for rest
  • Mizy Expedition of Hope

    A youth volunteer abroad program visiting overseas youth organizations, delivering shoes (or masks) of hope and conducting volunteer activities
  • I am a Future Expert

    A career mentoring program for middle school students to help them explore their career paths through meetings with specialists and field visits(designed for free-semester system
  • Seoul Creative Award

    A program for vocational high school students consisting of an creative idea contest and 4 types of training programs to express creative ideas
  • Youth Operating Committee

    A youth group contributing to the development of MIZY by performing a regular monitoring on its programs and offering policy suggestions
  • Creative Talent Training Program

  • A program supporting vocational students to design their career paths and become creative leaders through field trips to creative cities