Z(Zeal for Action)

Program > I(International understanding)

Strengthening the capacity to act as a global citizen

through awareness of youth participation

    MIZY Festival(Shoes of Hope)

  • The MIZY Center hopes to promoteeducational and cultural benefits various region by instilling a global mindset of teenagers and by assisting them in realizing that they are a part of the global community. We strive to educating teenagers in realizing the reward of helping others. Through this program, we seek to raiseawareness of major international issues and to assist teenagers and staff members to actively partake in intercultural exchange.

    International Exchange Programming Camp for Youth Planners

  • This is a program for the youth who are willing to take part in various international exchange programs. As program coordinators, youth participants take part in various activities such as case studies, market research, program planning, and final presentations. Through these activities, participants develop a final plan for their own international exchange program.

    Interpersonal Exchange Program between Youth with and with out a Migration Background

  • An intercultural program to encour age youths both w ith and without migrant background to have better understanding of each other and to exchange experiences

    Hanwha Youth Cross-country Cycling "Diversity Hand in Hand"

  • A diversity-enhancing program where youth with/without migration backgrounds improves mutual understanding and also develop self-esteem, problem-solving ability, physical health through group cycling throughout the country

    Shoes of Hope

  • A creative global donation program in which people paint images symbolizing world peace, friendship and hope on shoes that will be distributed to youth in underdeveloped countries